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Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy at RMC

Physical therapy is designed to restore strength, balance, mobility, and function after injury or illness has occurred.  Professional Therapy Services has managed Rhea Medical Centerís Physical Therapy Department Since 2001. PTS is owned and operated by lifelong Rhea County residents Gary Reeves, Kimble Brooks, and Billy Hall. They know and love this community and are committed to helping patients heal and regain their lives after an injury or illness.

Knowing that each injury or condition is unique, PTS creates personalized treatment plans for its patients. Physical therapists work closely with doctors to speed recovery time.

Treatments and services include:

- neuromuscular rehabilitation
- orthopedic injuries
- job site analysis
- sports medicine
- work-related injuries
- hand injuries
- neurological injuries and disorders
- balance problems and fall prevention
- pediatric and development disorders
- gait analysis

Getting Physical Therapy in Rhea County Can Save You Money!

Whether you are recovering from knee surgery, learning to cope with arthritis, or dealing with a workplace injury, chances  are physical therapy can help. However, many people shy away from getting the physical therapy they need because they have heard that there is a Medicare Therapy Cap that places a limit on outpatient rehabilitation services covered by Medicare. (In 2006, the therapy cap was nearly $2,000!)

The good news is that this Medicare Therapy Cap does not apply to Rhea Medical Center! Because the government considers Rhea Medical Center a rural hospital, special provisions are made to make physical therapy more affordable. Patients who choose Professional Therapy Services in Rhea County will be unaffected by the cap. 


Therapy services are available to people of any age, pediatric through geriatric, who have physical or cognitive deficits. Inpatient therapy is available at the hospital, and outpatient therapy is available at our outpatient location, 188 16th Avenue, in the Richland Park Shopping Center, across the parking lot from Shop Rite.
Physical and occupational therapy is also delivered in the intermediate care environment of Rhea Nursing Home.


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