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About Cardiac Rehabilitation
RMC's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Gives Hope to Heart Patients

Coordinated by Janice McMichael, RN, the cardiac rehabilitation service at Rhea Medical Center includes education, counseling, and an exercise program, and is designed to help heart patients recover faster and return to full and productive lives.

McMichael is both knowledgeable and compassionate. She is especially excited about the new, state-of-the-art TeleRehab Advance monitoring system she uses to track patients’ progress.  

“With this system I can track each person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels,” said McMichael. “And then I can send a complete report to a patient’s physician, so he can stay up-to-date on the patient’s progress.”  

Entry into Rhea Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehab program begins with a referral from a patient’s physician. Rhea Medical Center’s staff serves as an extension of the referring physician’s care through continued contact and periodic progress reports.

For more information about the program, call 423-775-8673.  Our fax number is 423-843-4555. 


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