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 Mission and Purpose


The mission of Rhea Medical Healthcare Foundation is to provide gift-giving support necessary to enhance Rhea Medical Center’s continued leadership, excellence, compassion and growth in providing high-quality, state-of-the-art medical and emergency care.

A separate entity from the hospital and individually incorporated, the Foundation helps raise funds which are used to support healthcare services on behalf of Rhea Medical Center. Such items might include:

·  Purchase of new equipment for up-to-date diagnostic, medical, surgical and treatment services;
·  Deployment of new services and patient care programs;
·  Community wellness and education projects, and more.

Download Foundation Brochure

Foundation Board

The Foundation is operated by a board of directors, which includes Rhea Medical Center staff, Rhea Medical Center board members, and active members of the community.

President:         Bob Arnold

Vice-President:  Harold (Bimbo) McCawley

Secretary:         Peri Meadows

Treasurer:         Debra Lawson

Members:         Jack Arnold

                        Dr. Howard Brock

                        Marilyn Engel

                        Ron Harris

                        Barbara Mauldin

                        Paul Riggs

                        Faith Young

                        Larry Cunningham


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